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Phylogenetic mobile of sequenced mammals

Phylogenetic trees show the evolutionary relationships between animals. This is a scientifically accurate scale model of a phylogenetic tree with the thirty mammals whose genomes have been sequenced. The full size mobile, measuring about 20 feet across, hangs in the lobby of the Broad Institute in Cambridge, MA.

Genome Sequencing as Public Art for ASCP

13 October 2010 – Genome Sequencing as Public Art for ASCP

The DNAtrium

The DNAtrium is dedicated to exploring the information in the human genome, our genetic instruction book. Through unique exhibits, the DNAtrium showcases how genomic science is propelling progress in biology and medicine. Visitors can hear from scientists about their groundbreaking work at the Broad Institute, peer into the laboratory machines that yield torrents of biological […]

15th Annual Symposium on Biotechnology Education

29 March 2010 — With Janet Iwasa and Gael McGill, giving seminar at 15th Annual Symposium on Biotechnology Education.

Time Warp

1 January 2007 — Interview for the Boston Globe.
Science museums struggle with how much of the present to include in their future.
By Peter Dizikes

Science is a search for new knowledge. Science museums, however, are usually repositories of the past: fossils, old artifacts, vintage instruments. For museums casting themselves as places of education, the gap between science’s collectible past and its ever-changing present is a problem. Are visitors learning the right things about science if a museum’s exhibits are, effectively, antiques? Full story.