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Scientific graphics

Scientific graphics

Copyright © 1999 Bang Wong

My first drawing assignment in graduate school for medical & biological illustration. It is rendered in the age-old technique of carbon dust which involves applying a fine carbon powder to paper with paintbrushes. Details are added with sharpened carbon pencils and erasing back to the white of the paper.

Copyright © 1999 Bang Wong

A variation on the technique utilizes a fine-art air brush to apply lamp black watercolor pigment. Again details are added by erasing back to white and with sharpen pencils.

Courtesy of the Department of Art as Applied to Medicine

A celebration of a 100 years of medical illustration at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. The event is sponsored by the Department of Art as Applied to Medicine where I am an adjunct assistant professor.

Broad Institute news stories

Graphics appearing along side news stories on the Broad’s website.

The Scientist magazine

A 3D graphic of chromatin unfurling for an article in the April 2010 issue of The Scientist.

Chromatin. Copyright ClearScience LLC

The following are examples of cover artwork I have designed.

Genome Research




Genetics Oct. 2010

Other journals

Illustrates the transposon insertion profiling Chip method. Copyright © 2010 Cell Press.

Overview figures like the one at left and those below provide and important framework for understanding the experimental design and scientific findings presented in research papers. I wrote about the value of overview figures in my Nature Methods column.